[Video] Interview - What is AI?

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My first chapter with Chapters! An interview sharing on AI in Mandarin.

Have you ever wondered how much AI occupies our daily life?

Have you ever thought that we have relied too much on the convenience of AI functions?

Do you know what AI is? What things in our life have AI application?

AI (artificial intelligence) brings convenience to people? Or is it another potential threat? It is assumed that AI will greatly evolve and be able to live, interact and communicate with humans in the next 5 years. Can we really live with AI?

You are now in the age of AI. In this issue of “Character BAR” (人物 BAR), we invited Mr. Chong Theng Hui, who is a Head of AI and AI trainer, to explain to us what is AI.

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ThengHui Chong
ThengHui Chong
Head of Artificial Intelligence & Disruptors

I help businesses unlock the value of artificial intelligence.