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~ Wonderful August ~

this month is a sweet and memorial month – my Convocation! After 3 years of effort, finally i stepped on the stage at Dewan Tunku Canselor, witnessed by my beloved parents and frenz… happie~ and be proud to be UM graduate. haha…… lucky my convo day is not in haze…

i have been thrown by college juniors and followed by my 6ixers gangs… however, too bad, i couldnt pluck any leaf from the branches of tree, haha… my 6ixers class monitor said get leaf = get leave, so better dun get one, haha!

also, received a number of convo gifts from my frenz and juniors…. i was so happie, thank you very much. All the gifts (except SONY colleagues one) are still in good condition (i mean they are still in well-wrapped), coz i really busy with my work loads and assignements after my convo break. haha…

again, THANK YOU everyone who came to share the enjoyable moments with me… and HAPPIE GRADUATION to all my coursemates… all e best!

[NOTE: captured a millions of photos… i have uploaded some in the album here, check it out.

Last modified on 2005-08-22