.:: Quake aftershock at my place!!

26/12/2004, 9.05am: quake aftershock at MC this morning!!
when i was taking my morning bath, suddenly my floormates shouted “Earthquake! Run! Run!” i tot they were joking me… then “Bang! Bang! Bang!” a big knock on my washroom door. my roomie shouted, “thenghui, run! earthquake!!” then, i only felt something went wrong. i quickly stopped washing my hair, i saw the water in my toilet bowl waved powerfully. i then quickly ran out from my washroom with a piece of towel… all my roomie and floormates had gone! i lost my head in a minute, then quickly put on a short and grab a t-shirt, rushed out of my messy room, and flashed towards the emergency stairs! jus keep on running down to ground floor, dat was an incredible run in my lifetime… from 7th floor, u know!

many residents alr gathered at the open-air area… waiting the instruction from our security guards. i could see many gals wearing their cute cute pyjamas, with a worry faces… some residents from Middle East were moving their PCs and stuff even! after 30 minutes, we get a news that this quake aftershock was caused by the powerful quake at Sumatra… we then went back to our rooms after the situation was under-control…

phew, really a bad experience for 2day… n im still blaming my roomie who left me behind… hmm… :-/

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