Angkor Wat 吴哥窟

I would like to share something that we saw and experienced along our first backpack journey. ;p


The sky starts brighting at 6am (their local time) and becomes dark at 6pm.
Now is dry season there. I couldn’t see even one drop of rain during the whole 9-day trip.


Angkor Wat is really a great place (most probably will be 1 of the new 7 wonders) to visit. After 20-30 years, I believe the Bas-reliefs will be gone even though some restoration is in-progress. Some temples, you need to spend more time to climb on the 60-70 degree stairs, sounds challenging, isn’t it?
We witnessed the last sunset of year 2006 at the top of the Angkor Wat~
Hence, I strongly recommend you all should go visit once soon before it is “gone”.
We took a bicycle ride for Angkor temples for > 100km in 2.5 days. That’s why I come back with “Angkor sick”. haha…

Other Focus Points:

Mine museum – you could meet Mr. Aki Ra and his team there. Donate USD $2 to help remove 3 mines.
Killing field – the dark history of Cambodia. You could see thousands of human skulls here.
Toul Sleng – a school that used as genocide spot
Royal Palace – when can we visit our Istana Negara?
Cultural Village – a lot of things and shows to be watched here
Wat Phnom, Central market, Sorya, Independance Monument, Angkor National Museum (coming soon in Siam Reap), etc……


Their life is poor. Only could see some better life in Phnom Penh (the capital city).
Some of them have to work since young age. I met Siv, 20. He just bought a Camry and become a taxi driver (me still with Kancil 🙁 ). Tourism is their main source of income.


From bicycle, tuk-tuk, taxi, boat to plane, you can have all kind of the transportation.
Their traffic is really horrible. Most of the road have no center line and no traffic lights. When someone horn you, you have to watch out.
Even though their road is US-style, but i still can find many cars are right-steering. :s
I can say 95% are TOYOTA cars (Most of them are Camry) and 90% are HONDA motorbike. Wondering our stolen cars in Malaysia have been sold to there?? ;p


Food is not cheap there, for me, because all in USD.
Our Ringgit is too ‘small’ lar!


Accomodation is quite cheap. USD $15-20 per night at Siam Reap and USD $4 per night at Phnom Penh.
Unfortunately, when we returned to Siam Reap from Phnom Penh, the last night at Cambodia, the whole Siam Reap was blacked-out. We slept with candles…… :'(


They have 3 main telco service provider there: SAMART, KHM and MOBITEL.
We got good signal everywhere in Cambodia, even though when travelling across borders of small towns and kampong.
you know, SAMART is a 100% owned by TM here. But the roaming call there is very expensive. >.< When you pick up a call is RM15/min.

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