.:: 4th Gathering of 6ixers

Date : 26/12/2004 (12pm – 3pm)
Event : U6S2 gathering
Venue: RedBox @ The Curve
17 ppl in Room 17

my class monitor and i organized+attended a gathering which just for 6ixers on last Sunday – while the quake in Sumatra and tsunamis in Sri Lanka+Penang were happening. Dunno wat is 6ixers? dun worry, let me explain here. Absolutely, 6ixers is the people who were from Sixth-Form in my former high school.

we have an annual gathering since we all last parted in 2001. in the past three gatherings, we jus have a reunion dinner at restaurant… coz no matter good things or bad things, chinese always like to have a big meal. when came to this times, we did something different. in our past experience, each old classmates jus came ->eat ->left, no meaning! so, this time, we got x’mas gift xchange session and a sourvenir book (the book which was holded by a guy in the photo, and he will be our next organizer) for each attendees to sign and leave their latest contact details…

much appreciated and enjoyed the time wif them… coz we jus meet once a year. some of them back from USM and Singapore. i can hardly meet them in peacetime. also, great to see more and more couples in our group… ;p my class only got 17 ppl, now growing to 23 ppl alr! unfortunately, only 17 ppl can attend on dat day… we expect to have 34 ppl ultimately but now cannot lor coz one of the couple is among our classmates! haha… 😉

well, jus hope we could have 5th, 6th, 7th,… until the time we have our own children, our own grandchildren… and our 6ixers Reunion Gathering is still carrying on! hope so… 🙂 o-mei-to-fatt~

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