byebye to my very first kit lens – 18-105mm

Last month, I have sold my very first kit lens in my life to a nice gentlemen.

The kit lens came with my first DSLR – Nikon D90, i.e. 18-105mm VR. I take very good care of it and it was kept well in my dry cabinet whenever it was not being used. I decided to sell it to fund my 18-200mm VR, a used lens indeed. I personally think that 18-200mm is useful when you travel around, especially at some places that do not allow you to change lens.

Hopefully the new owner will take good care of it. Below was the last snap using my 18-105mm at a restaurant where we have traded.

the last snap from my 18-105mm

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  1. Questions:
    how much you sell the 18-105?
    how much you buy the 18-200? i heard 1.5k-2k ler.
    Currently your lens are 18-200, 50mm f1.8 and??
    got feeling like photography is semakin poisoning? hehe.

  2. @ThengHui
    Thanks for your good info.
    May I know you bought at RM1.6k is exchange/trade price or actual price?
    Is that Nikkor or Tamron?
    As I know Nikkor should be >RM2K,right?
    Now I planning to change the kit lens too. 18-105mm really not enough use for those like to travel 1 lo.:P
    P/S: Enjoy you NZ trip ya, wait for ur NZ nice pic.

  3. @H20
    fyi, my nikkor 18-200 VR is a used lens. I’m not the first owner doh. 😉
    you might check the price at as your reference.
    If you were at PJ area, I’d recommend you a few shops, just drop me an email.

    no problem, let’s share our travel photos. Do you have your online album?
    see ya.

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