Celcom Broadband at Krai (review)

Today, I tested the Celcom broadband with my Nokia N82. The allocated speed is up to 384Kbps as stated in their official website. However, the tested speed (via speedtest.net) I got at my hometown – Kuala Krai, is quite acceptable, see below:

Service type:

1. Broadband Daily Unlimited – RM6 (promo) to RM8 per 24 hours

2. Broadband Weekly Unlimited – RM20 per 7 days

How to subscribe:

Option 1: Call *118#, then follow the Broadband menu instruction.

Option 2: SMS Broadband Daily to 28882; or SMS Broadband Weekly to 28882.

The broadband speed is very depending on your network coverage. If you are in the 3.5G area, you definitely will get higher speed. You can check your coverage service by following the method below:

SMS broadband here to 21122.


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