How to translate your blog to other languages?

Nowadays, the internet becomes more globalized in term of borderless. It is time to make your blog or website transforming into other languages, so that other visitors who use their native language could understand your blog or website.

I found out that Google Translator is one of the useful tool that you could adapt to your blog or website easily. I do not say the translation is perfect but it works better from time to time. You could contribute to make the translator works better indeed!

Well, how to get the translation tool?? Simple! You go to, and retrieve the snippet of code.

You will see it supports 52 languages. For example, my this blog is mainly written in Chinese and English. So, I tweaked the snippet of code from the link above from pageLanguage: ‘en to pageLanguage: ‘auto, so that it will automatically detect my page language then do translation to visitors’ desired languages.

If you notice that there will be a bar on top of your browser’s page when a visitor clicks on the translation tool. However, it could be closed and back to the original language of the page easily.


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