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Today, I am so happy that been informed that I have been selected as one of the Malaysian delegates to join YES2009, together with other selected 499 participants from the region. What is YES2009? That is a short form of “Youth Engagement Summit”, which will be held at Putrajaya International Convention Center, on 16-17 Nov (Tue).

Too bad no free flight for me as I stay in Klang Valley. Anyway, I would be granted hotel and summit pass worth USD2,500. Hooray~ Moreover, I managed to meet with those inspiring people whom I know their names, but they do not know about me, heehee.

Below are the people whom I am going to meet and getting their advise. Give you a quiz here: Do you know who are they? 😉


I hereby attach a programme of that summit for my reference.

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  1. Yeah, I am back from the summit this morning. We got a special replacement icon – Donald Trump, via satellite video call live from New York. This was the only surprise engagement.

    Learnt a lot of things and met many friends from all over SEA. Good memory. Life goes on… 😉

  2. hey come on, u cant just leave me all hanging with 3 sentences after coming back from such a great conference. spill the detail!! we want more! we want more! 😀

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