13.5 hours!

Just get back from Kota Bharu to KL for a 13.5 hours drive on a 500km distance. We started at 1100 morning yesterday and reached this morning 0200. What the heck. This was the longest cars queue that I ever seen!! I think this suppose to be one of the Malaysian Guinness Record.

Wondering why so many Ma-cai from east coast. Luckily, I shared the journey with my old classmate’s boy friend. Otherwise, I sure get crazy on the road when I saw the cars drive at 37km/h for 500km!! My another friend who took off from KL to London yesterday reached before I get to KL. WTF!

BTW, actually I have bought a train ticket which would take me for 12 hours too. Yeah, Malaysia Boleh!

at Karak Highway...

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