.:: Bonjour~

Good morning to every ‘spoker’ here, this is my first greeting of the day, just for you all. ;p
i had burnt my midnight oil yesterday to explore this “The Spoke”… i found some interesting blogger and many other useful links… what’s more i’ve found that my lecturer is a MU fan, haha!
well, thanks to Poh Sz̀̀ė who brought me to this wonderful cyberspace… Merci beaucoup, Poh Sz̀̀ė… 🙂
and this is my very first time to post up my own blog… hope could find some robot freaks like me in this fantastic zone. You are also invited to join my special hub – “AI & Robotics“, check it out!
well, have a nice day, everyone~ 🙂

p.s: please correct me if i were wrong… (coz i’m still a newbie here indeed)

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